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Daily Devotion
Finding Grace Through Our Infirmities

King James Bible Daily Devotion – Learning Scripture One Day At A Time Date: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 Chapters: 2 Corinthians 9-13 Message Title: Finding Grace Through Our Infirmities Hello My Friend, Infirmity, physical weakness, failing at something. We all have infirmities of some sort and while they make us feel as though we are failures, God sees them as opportunities. Infirmities bring us closer to God, they not only give us His power to overcome them, they give us the strength to endure the ones God sees fit are to remain. So, how do we get strength to handle our infirmities? First, we need to give ourselves over to God, the more we give over to Him the more power we have. Second, we need God's grace, it's more than God giving something we don't deserve, it's giving us the strength to go on when we have no strength in us at all. “For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my... (more)

playing church
Read Revelation 4:1-11. TEXT: And the whole multitude of the people were praying outside at the hour of incense (Luke 1:10). Advent devos 2015When I was a boy, my brothers and I were mesmerized by the pomp and ceremony of church. We memorized each step of the acolyte, dreaming of the day we would wear those robes and carry that burning taper. We'd pause and make a deep, solemn bow in reverence before God's altar, then step up into the chancel to light the gleaming candelabra, standing on either side of the altar. After the service we rushed home to play "church." We put on our housecoats and scarves and set up a little table as the altar. One brother played organist on our little chord organ, and my other brother and I played acolyte and pastor. I wonder if Zechariah did the same when he was a little boy. Did he go up to the temple with his family and stand at the gate, watching the priests dressed in their fancy robes, walking around with great somber steps, offering... (more)

fujonshi as folk
Mimpi itu muncul ketika rasa hati gk lagi diungkapkan. Begitulah gara-gara ada orang watsap nanya R2, trus gw mimpi dia lagi nikah. Itu pukulan terbesar sih. Itu momen yang ngingetin, i have to stop there. Read yaoi again. Ternyata nama orang kayak gw itu fujonshi, cewek akut yaoi. Super lover, seme aniki haru nya cakep bingit. Abis ini mau nyari forum atau komunitasnya ah. Cape ini ditanggung sendiri. Gk ada yang tau kalau gw masih akut yaoi. Selama ini gw rasa gk bisa liat live action yaoi. it's disgusting gara2 banyak bo*ep gay yang gk banget (menurut gw sih). Tapi baru tau ada film queer as folk. Semenya bolehlah. Penting seme itu buat gw. Gale harold is hot, pas lah jadi seme.

Muslim Teenagers
Sadiq Gill -
Islam and the Concept of 72
A Sacred Belief

By Madan G SinghIslam is a monotheistic religion founded by Muhammad, who is considered to be the last prophet of God. One aspect of Islam that is not much discussed is the concept of houris. Houris are beautiful virgin women who reside perpetually in paradise. Perhaps the nearest equivalent to them is the angels in Christianity and the apsara in Hindu thought. Apsara's are beautiful supernatural beings who are adept in dancing.In Islam the houris are perpetual virgins and the epitome of beauty. Islam says that houris are a reward to a true believer for following the injunctions and practices of Allah.The concept of Houris is one of biggest motivating factor for Muslims. True followers of Islam believe that if they have been faithful to their faith and believed in Allah then they will be rewarded with perpetual virgins for their pleasure after death in heaven.The Houri's in QuranThe Koran mentions about the Houris at a number of places. The stress... (more)

The Common Ills
Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts
"Bill's Bucket List"

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Bill's Bucket List" Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Bill's Bucket List." Bill Clinton declares, "People say, 'Bill, you're a former president. Won't you be bored as First Spouse? Heck no! The East Wing is the only place in the White House I've never had sex. Bucket list!" Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts. the world today just nuts comic bills bucket list bill clinton the common ills

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